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Saint Patrick's Day Cookies Print
Thursday, 19 February 2015 10:38
Can you believe that St. Patrick's day is only 3 weeks away? We all know what that means!! Spring and warmer weather is right around the corner.

St. Patrick's Day themed cookies have always been a challenge for me. Somehow, inspiration doesn't come easily for me with these cookies. But that is why I apply the rule of "SIMPLE IS ALWAYS BETTER"!

These cookies were fun to make, mainly because I didn't really plan that much. The only design I drew up was the profile for the Leprechaun.

If you are in a hurry to put together some cookies for St. Patrick's Day, then this quick tutorial is just for you!!

And the best part is you can get these cookie cutters in a set from The Cookie Cutter Company.

Now let's get started!!

Gather the following supplies to make these cookies:

Making the Shamrock Cookie

1: Start by outlining and flooding the cookie with white icing. Let the icing dry completely.

2: Using tip #2 and stiff consistency icing, outline the cookie.

3: Using short and quick strokes, brush the icing inward. Repeat this same step along the line making sure to clean the brush with a wet paper towel betwen strokes to have a clean edge. Then let the cookies dry and you are finished.

Making the Pot of Gold Cookie

Start by outlining the cookie with tip #2 using black icing. Then flood the cookie and let it dry for a few hours.

Flood the top of the pot of gold cookie with brown icing, and sprinkle sanding sugar on it. Wait a few seconds and then remove the excess sanding sugar.

Making the Irish Derby Hat Cookie

1: Outline and flood the hat with green royal icing.

2: Let the cookie dry completely.

3: Now add the "ribbon" detail. I went with the simplest of hats, but a buckle or a small green clover shaped sprinkle would look cute.

Making the Leprechaun Cookie

This is a side profile cookie cutter so you might want to draw the design on a piece of paper so you can have a visual idea of what you would like the final cookie to look like.

1: Start by outlining and flooding the hat and shoe. Then let the icing set a little bit.

2: Flood a the small side of the face with flesh tone icing.

4: Outline and fill the beard, then let the icing set again.

5: Finish flooding the rest fo the body with green icing.

6: Let the cookie dry completely before adding the arm and hand detail, as well as the ribbon for the hat and belt.

Would you like to share your cookie creations on The Cookie Cutter Company's Social Media? Then make sure to head over to their Facebook page and share with them all of your creations. They LOVE it when you do!!

Happy Baking!!
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