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Thursday, 28 July 2016 08:44
Beach trips and loads of ice cream have made this summer amazing for my family. This school year is going to be a big one, my baby girl is starting kindergarten and I couldn’t be more nervous and excited at the same time. Seriously, where did the time go?

Every school year I like to introduce myself to the new teacher with baked goods and a card letting her know that I am always available for whatever she needs. Cookies are always a good option, easy to make and everyone loves them.

Today, let’s decorate Back to School themed cookies!

The Cookie Cutter Company has a big variety of cookie cutters that are perfect for this theme and plenty more cookie cutters for any occasion.

To decorate these cookies you will need the following:

Apple Cookies

  • Outline and flood the cookie with red icing. Let the cookie dry overnight.

  • Use #2 tip and brown icing to fill the stem.

  • Use the small leaf tip and stiff green royal icing to make the leaves.

  • Write whatever your heart desires with stiff icing and tip #1.

  • For this apple, follow the same instructions as above, just change the colors and add the little brown seeds in the center of the apple.

    Scroll Cookie

  • Outline and flood the cookie. Let the cookie dry overnight.

  • Once the cookie is completely dry, use the food writers to outline the scroll shape and make it look like is folded.

  • Use stiff royal icing with tip #1 or food writer to write on the cookie.

  • Frame/Plaque cookie

    I love using frame cookie cutters to make a variety of cookie designs; they come in all sizes and shapes and have plenty of space to use our creativity.

    These are just some of the plaque shapes you can find on The Cookie Cutter Company website and if you do not find the cookie cutter you want, you can even design your own with the DYO Cookie Cutter Kit.

    To make this cookie I used a random frame cookie cutter that I had on hand.

  • To make these cookies start by outlining and flooding the cookies with white icing, set the cookies aside to dry.

  • Using a small ruler (use only for cookies) and a blue food writer, trace line after line until you make it look like writing paper.

  • Write anything you want. I wanted to add a little detail and I made the smart worm using sugar paste and round tips in two sizes. I used a small size tip for the body, and a bigger size tip to make the head. Face details were made with a black food writer.

    Arrow cookie

    I love this arrow shape and it is super simple to make. Just outline and flood the cookie. Wait until the cookie is completely dry to write on it.

    Do you send any cookies or treats to your kid’s teachers?

    If you make any cookies please share them with us on our Facebook Page, we love to see what you create using our cookie cutters.
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