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Easter Plaque Cookies Print
Monday, 14 April 2014 12:49
Easter is almost here! Signs of good weather and flowers blooming means that we can finally start to enjoy spring. MY KIND OF SEASON!

I am so excited about today's tutorial and I think you will be too! I absolutely love these NEW PLAQUE COOKIE CUTTERS that just came out from The Cookie Cutter Company!

These are the perfect size plaques to fit all kind of designs from fancy to simple. If you don't own a Plaque Cookie Cutter, I highly recommend you get all of these!

Soft colors, Easter grass, wafer bunnies, and a quick bunny design bring these cute cookies to life. Bake and decorate these cookies a few days in advance, put them in a container between sheets of parchment paper, and put them on a platter for Easter day goodies! Your family and kids will love them!

To make these cookies you will need the following supplies:

  • Fancy Plaque Frame 4.25"
  • Long Plaque Frame 4.25"
  • Photo Plaque Frame 4.25"
  • Color Food Writers
  • Tips #1,#2,#3, Pastry Bags and Couplers
  • Americolor Gel in Peach, Bright White, Mint Green, and Sky Blue
  • Small Cookie Cutters (any shape of your choice)
  • Small amount of fondant and a rolling pin
  • Easter grass with wafer bunnies (you can find them any any grocery story around this time of year)
  • Carrot Sprinkles
  • Tissue Paper

  • Silly Bunny Holding Easter Egg Cookie

    For this cookie, I used the tissue paper method created by one of my favorite cookie designers. It really comes in handy when you do not own a Kopykake.

    Start by finding the perfect template for your design. I found this cute bunny on one of my daughter’s stickers. Make a copy of the image with the size you are looking for.

    Outline and flood your cookie. Then, let the cookie dry overnight if possible before tracing the design. You will see in one of these pictures that my cookie wasn’t dry enough when I traced it and I got a hole in it.

    Take a piece of the tissue paper and, using an edible marker, trace the image. Then, place the tissue paper over the dry cookie and trace it again. Firm pressure when tracing the design will make it bleed through the paper. This will leave you with the basic outline to pipe and flood the design.

    Use tip #2 to pipe the design, and let it dry a few minutes before you flood it.

    Let the cookie dry completely before adding the details of the bunny’s face with the edible markers and the outline of the plaque.

    Wafer Easter Bunny Cookies

    Using Easter grass, sprinkles, and wafer bunnies makes these cookies super easy to make.

    Outline and flood the cookies with white icing and let the cookies dry overnight.

    Try playing with the design that you are going to put on the cookie before actually attaching it.

    Dots, stripes, and swirls ALL add the extra touch in a cookie design. So, be creative and play around with the plaque’s outlines. For these, I used tip #3 to outline the cookie because I wanted a thick outline.

    Easter Silhouette Cookies

    Using a small (mini) cookie cutter, roll out a piece of fondant and cut the shape. Then, set it aside for later use.

    Add a dab of royal icing in the middle of the cookie. Then, spread it with a spatula and sprinkle white sanding sugar on it.

    Attach the fondant silhouette with a dot of icing.

    Have a wonderful Easter!!

    Don't forget to keep posting all your cookies to The Cookie Cutter Company's Facebook page. They love seeing and sharing your creativity on their page.

    For more cookie ideas, tutorials, and questions come see me, Kathia, at my blog Pink Little Cake!
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