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Thursday, 18 October 2012 07:48
Hello my new friends!! It's Georganne again, from the blog LilaLoa. I have a surprise for you today. I made you some cookies! You'll never guess what kind of cookies they are. Okay, I'll tell you. They are... wait-- did you just say HALLOWEEN COOKIES??!! How did you know? Who told you? Someone must have told you. Gah. The whole surprise is ruined now. We may as well just give up on Halloween entirely. Go ahead and toss out your candy. (You know, the second set of candy. The one that you bought to replace the first set of candy that you bought 4 weeks ago in an effort to be "on top of things" and not end up with candy corn and waxy chocolates to give out on Halloween night. Just throw it away.) Take down your decorations. Stop the creepy music. And, luckily for me I haven't even started on costumes yet...so at least no effort will be wasted there. Except...I kind of like making the costumes. Okay...new rule. Halloween is back on. Let's make some cookies!

Grab the cutters you need here:

You could totally skip the purple icing on these guys and just go all black and white if you need something more simple. Actually, you can do that with all of these cookies.

1. First, let's all agree to pretend that this isn't the worst picture I could have possibly taken. Let's pretend I'm amazing at taking pictures of white cookies on white backgrounds and also that I am at least 4 inches taller. Are you with me? Good! Outline and flood your ghost cookie. Let it dry overnight.

2. Add 2 white dots for eyeballs. Let those sit while you pipe on a cute (or terrifying) mouth and maybe some eyebrows. Hopefully that only took you about 60 seconds, because you need to come back and drop on some black dots for the eyes just as the bottom eyeball layer is settling, but not dry.

Let's not kid ourselves. This spiderweb is big. But it is the perfect size for the spider cookie! And also for small children whom you wish to bribe into doing their own laundry.

1. This is another quick one. Bake your cookie.

2. Outline in white using a #3 tip. Give the outline a couple of minutes to dry. You are going to be putting a good chunk of icing on this cookie and you don't want it to overflow the edges.

3. Flood that cookie with a good chunk of THING icing. It's a big cookie and you are going to do a wet-on-wet design, so the icing needs to be thin enough that it won't start drying before you are finished.

4. Using a #3 tip and some fun purple icing (serious icing need not apply) pipe your web. Start with the vertical line and then cross it with a horizontal line. Add the other two lines and then connect them all with some loopy-webby type piping. And if anyone figures out how to make a perfectly symmetrical web... let me know and I will market you and your idea to the world.

I saved the best for last. I don't like spiders in real life or even in pretend life. But this guy is so cute that he's practically not a spider.

1. Pipe an elongated tear shape in the middle of the cookie for the spiders' body.

2. Immediately sprinkle with black sanding sugar. Let it dry for about an hour before gently removing the excess sugar.

3. Using a #3 tip, pipe a big ol' dot for the head. Leave the tip in one place, just above the surface of the cookie and the icing will spread out in a perfect circle. Let the head dry. (<--- I cannot believe I just said that. And meant it.)

4. Pipe the legs on with thick black icing and a #1 or #1.5 tip. Add a little dot to each end for feet. (Because feet on spiders are cute. And not creepy like drying heads.) You can pipe the eyes straight on the head like you did with the ghost or you can attach pre-made eyeballs. It's your choice. I won't judge you.

If you have any questions or just feel like a visit...you can always find me at my blog, LilaLoa. And be sure to drop by The Cookie Cutter Company's Facebook Page to chat or share your latest cookies!!

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