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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 08:26
I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I adore the fun colors and the fall leaves and pumpkins everywhere, and the candy. I LOVE the candy. But I can't handle scary things. Or dark things. Or things that will keep me awake in the middle of the night wondering if the morning will ever come. Because then I eat all the candy. You know, as a safety measure. So that no one will want to break into my house in the middle of the night with their shiny axes and creepy, maniacal laughter for my secret stash of Halloween candy. Because it won't be there. They will have gone through all that effort to slash through my wall for a giant pile of sticky wrappers. Great, now I'm never going to go to bed tonight. I guess I'll just stay up and make cookies.

I think I'll make these cookies again. They were fun. Even if you aren't hiding under the covers waiting for dawn, you could still join me. Grab the cutters here --

You guys, this bat is the cutest Halloween cookie that ever existed. And you can make a jillion of them in no time at all.  They would be adorable in a little jar all tied up with orange ribbon, or in the bottom of a big ol' hurricane vase!

1. I'm sorry. Did I say that these were the easiest cookies in the world to make? I should have. The most complicated step will be baking the cookies. 
2. Using a #3 tip and 20 count black icing, make  dot of icing in the middle of these guys. Let it dry for an hour.
3. Pipe some randomly scalloped wings and
4. Immediately cover with black sanding sugar. Let it dry and then shake off excess sugar. 

The cat is basically the same thing as the bat. Except, with a different letter in the front. Also it has four legs. And a tail. And I actually put eyes on it. But everything else is basically the same. 

1. They both even start the exact same way. With cookies. I know - its hard to imagine. 
2. Using a #3 tip and 20 second black icing, start at the bottom of one leg and draw an upside down "U" shape that ends in the other leg. Add some icing to the middle part to create the body shape and pipe a line of icing up towards the head for the neck. Cover with black sanding sugar and let it dry for an hour or so. 
3. Brush off the extra sugar and give the cat a tail. A cute tail would be ideal here, but you can do what you like. Add a head with point ears. 
4. While the icing is still wet, drop on some pre-made eyeballs. (Use THESE directions to make your own!)

Don't even think. Just make these cutie little witches. 

1. Using 20 second black icing and a #2 tip, fill in the witch hat section of the cookie. Create a curved triangle with purple 20 second icing. Let dry for 30 minutes. 
2. Add a broomstick, a face, and the yellow sweeping part of the broom. (WHAT is that called?!) Let it dry for another 30 minutes.
3. Add the cape, shoes and a sleeve. And once again....let it dry. You should probably eat whatever candy you have in your house while you are waiting. Because these cookies are going to make your house mighty appealing. 
4. Give the girl a hand. And some hair. And then just go all out and give her an adorable little face.

Don't forget I'll be here every Friday in October with more Halloween Cookies!! If you get lonely in the next seven days, come on over to my blog, LilaLoa. Or stop by The Cookie Cutter Company's Facebook page.

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