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Thursday, 25 October 2012 07:45
It's FRIDAY!! Yeay!! Here I am. (Georganne from LilaLoa)  There you (fabulous cookie decorator extraordinaire) are. It's almost Halloween. We have so much to do. Have you procured the necessary costumes and hung the Halloween lights? Did you hide your Halloween Basket and prepare the Halloween Feast? I'm so behind. October just flew by. And now we only have...umm...not many days left. (I know when Halloween is. I just forgot what day today is.) Let's just make cookies and forget all this crazy talk. 

You can get all the cutters you need here:

I am particularly in love with these fun sparkly let's make them first. 

1. Before you bake your tree cookies, make sure that you like the angle of the trunk. It's so easy to change. I needed mine to be a smidgeon more upright and less leaning because I knew I wanted to ultimately make them stand up. 

2. Using black icing, create a trunk and some branches. It's easiest if you start at the bottom and work your way up and out. Add some sanding sugar if you like and let it dry for an hour or so.

3. Outline the leafy part of the tree with thick purple icing and a #3 tip. Add a few "c" shapes randomly to make the tree seem...umm... leafy. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

4.Fill the center with thin purple icing. (Wouldn't these be so cute in silver and pink?)

Pumpkins. Halloween. They are basically the same word.

1. Bake cookies. I like when the first step is easy.

2. Outline the pumpkin with thick orange icing and a #3 tip. Add some dividing lines in the middle. They should all start at the same top point, and end at different points along the bottom. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

3.Fill in the sections one at a time using thin orange icing. Make sure to not overfill each section or they will spill over into the next one, and all of your dividing line efforts will have been wasted. (The cookie will still taste good.)

4. Add a triangle stem with thick green icing. 

What is better than pumpkins for Halloween? MINI pumpkins!! They are adorable. Think about it. Would you rather have a giant pile of mini pumpkins or a tiny pile of giant pumpkins? Actually, don't answer that. I want to live thinking I am right.

1. Bake your cookies and line them up. They are small and the decorating will go smoother if you can move quickly from one cookie to the next.

2. With a medium consistency of icing (23 seconds or 17 count) pipe a middle section and the two outside sections. Let it dry for an hour.

3. Fill in the remaining sections. If you didn't listen to me and only let it dry for 20 minutes, just make sure not to bump the other sections.

4. Add a stem with thick green icing. 

I saved these for last because they are my favorite. They are SO fun to make because the last step is destroying them. Aaaah. I'm getting ahead of myself. 

1. Bake your cookies. Try not to make them crooked like I did. Unless you like crooked...and then you can be just like me. 

2. Give the cookie a base layer of white icing and let it dry overnight. Actual dry, not just kind of dry.

3. Put some purple icing and some green icing on a plate. Wad (<-- very technical term) up a paper towel and dip it in one of the colors. Dab the plate to remove excess icing and then sponge paint your cookie to make it look like marble. Go back and forth between the colors until it looks exactly the way you want it to. Or, until you've gone too far. Either way...that would be the time to stop.

4. Using thick white icing, detail the tombstone. Add lettering and flourishes...or not. Add some grass with thick green icing. You could even use a grass tip (#233) if you want. This girl is lazy and just used the same tip as the pumpkins. What can I say? I like easy-peasy. Let the detailing dry.

5. This is the step I was telling you about. It's my favorite. Get your cookie dirty. Dust with unsweetened cocoa powder or a metallic luster dust. I used antique green. You can use a clean brush or your finger. Smudge it wherever you like, but make sure it is random. Also...and this is my very favoritest part... wet the end of a sterile cotton swab. Lightly dab an edge or two of the icing and watch the magic. The water makes the icing start to dissolve...which makes it look like the marble tombstone is starting to crumble. I love it. 

That's pretty much it. I don't really know how to say good bye now. I've been there for me through the entire month of October. From start to finish. All these cookies... I just can't... okay, I'm over it. Come visit me at my blog LilaLoa ANYTIME! (I'll miss you if you don't.) And if you make these cookies, or any other fun cookie creation, be sure to post them on The Cookie Cutter Company's Facebook Page for everyone to see!!
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