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Watercolor Thanksgiving Cookies Print
Monday, 16 November 2015 08:23

I am sure you have seen the new trend of watercolor decorated cookies popping up all over the internet lately. I have wanted to try this technique for a while and these Thanksgiving themed cookies were the perfect canvas for it.

For this month’s tutorial for The Cookie Cutter Company, I used a fun Vintage Style Thanksgiving Cookie Cutter set, don’t be intimidated by the style of the cutter, all you need is well chilled cookie dough, a good dip of the cutter in flour before you actually cut the cookie and you are good to go!

To decorate these cookies you will need the following:


Start by outlining and flooding your cookies with white royal icing.

Let the cookies dry completely overnight.

A few pointers for painting the cookies:

Most people mix the food color with water. I like to use a small amount of lemon extract and paint without being worried about destroying the cookie surface. Cookies and water are not really like best friends.

Use a mix of small brushes, flat, round, thin or thick brushes. This gives the cookie a different texture.

Play with the colors. Add a few drops of lemon extract and just one of food color to get a pastel color. Mix other colors to create a blended look.

Use the tip of the brush to create dots. Make big or small strokes and outline the cookies with gold or silver for extra details. The possibilities are endless and there is no way for mistakes because you pretty much cannot go wrong with these cookies.

Decorating the cookies:

Add a few drops of lemon extract to the disposable containers and a few drops of the colors of your choice.

Mix the colors and paint away! Yes, that easy!

Keep some paper towels handy to clean your brush and control the intensity of the color before painting on the cookie.

Making the Acorn Cookies

Dip your brush in the brown paint and paint the stalk and the cupule of the acorn making strokes in different directions.

Then paint the nut

I love adding gold to cookies, this particular luster dust is called “Diamond Gold” and I just love it!

Making The Turkey Cookies

Using the same technique as described above for the Acorn Cookie, follow the pictorial.

Making the Fall Leave Cookie

Again using the same technique as described above for the Acorn Cookie, follow the pictorial.

Have you painted cookies before?

If not, give it a try and share your cookies on The Cookie Cutter Company Facebook page. They would love to see all the designs and color palettes you come up with!

Visit The Cookie Cutter Company's website to find the latest Thanksgiving and Fall themed cookie cutters, they have so many designs and shapes to get your creativity flowing.

Happy Cookie Painting!
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