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Mother's Day Cookies Print
Thursday, 21 April 2016 14:57

Hi, I’m Kathia from Pink Little Cake Blog and in this month’s blog, I am going to show you how to make beautiful and quite relaxing Mother’s Day cookies.

These Mother’s Day cookies are big and you will have plenty of room to pipe dots, filigree, lines or any lettering to customize the cookies to your needs. I love these new cookie cutters. They are such a great size.

Let’s gather supplies to decorate the cookies. You will need the following:


Start by outlining the cookies with gold stiff icing and let the cookies set for a bit.

Flood the cookies with pink icing.

Let the cookies dry completely overnight.


With steady pressure, squeeze the pastry bag and outline the cookie. Write whatever your heart desires. Let the outlined cookie dry completely.

Mix a few drops of vodka and gold luster dust. Using the small paint brush, paint the outline detail of the cookie. Make sure the brush is just damp with the mixture of luster dust and vodka. Also, make sure the brush is not dripping.

Then, dip the brush on the luster dust mix and brush a few strokes of paint inside the cookie.

Super easy and the gold color makes the cookie look so adorable.


Using #1 tip and stiff gold royal icing, outline the cookie and make the filigree design. If you do not feel confident piping filigree, you will find tons of patterns online that you can download, resize, print and transfer to the cookies.

Let the icing set completely before painting with gold luster dust following the instructions above.

And that’s it!! You will have some fun and tasty cookies that will bring anyone a smile. Do you like writing on cookies and piping fine details?

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Happy cookie decorating!
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