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Father's Day Cookies Print
Friday, 27 May 2016 08:29

Monster trucks and tractors are the perfect cookies for guys. I still don’t understand how they are so fascinated with big tires and mountains of mud, but hey, whatever makes their heart happy.

These Monster truck, conversation text bubble and tractor cookies are perfect for Dad or for a little boy’s party. These cookies come together in just a few minutes, literally. You probably will spend more time getting the icing ready than decorating the cookies!

Let’s get the supplies and make them. You will need the following:

Tractor and Monster Truck Cookies

1. Using tip #2 outline around the tires and make a small circle in the middle of each tire.

2. Outline the truck.

3. Flood the tires with black icing.

4. Flood the tractor, but do not flood the windows. Let the cookie set for a while and then use the white icing to flood the tractor’s windows and the center of the tires.

5. Let the cookies dry for a few hours or overnight.

6. Once the cookies are dry, use a #1 tip to add detail to the tractor.

Follow the same instructions for the Monster truck cookies.

Conversation Text Bubble

I love this Conversation Text Bubble cookie cutter. The cookie cutter is big in size giving you room to write a big sentence or work on a more complex design.


1. Outline and flood the cookie and set aside to dry.

2. Once the cookie is completely dry, outline with stiff black icing and cover immediately with sanding sugar. Let the sanding sugar set a few minutes and then shake the excess off.

3. Use tip #1 with white stiff royal icing and write any message you want.

Have you made tractor or monster truck cookies before?

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Happy Decorating!
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