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Valentine's Day Cookies Print
Friday, 29 January 2016 08:47

Hello everyone, I am Kathia from Pink Little Cake Blog and today we are going to make Valentine’s Day cookies. What? Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it is about time to start getting some cookie ideas together. As much as I love decorating elaborate and time consuming cookies, these past few weeks I have found myself longing to simplify. It might be the cold; although, I have to say that this Winter hasn’t been that bad. At least, not in Central Jersey.

For this post I have decided to keep things simple and I used this fun Heart Message Cookie Cutter.

And since my husband is always eating as many cookies as he can, I made some champagne glasses and a champagne bottle.

To make and decorate these cookies you will need the following tools:

I want to show you the inside of this stamp and cookie cutter. In this picture you can see the front.

And here you can see the back and the place where you insert the letters to stamp on the cookie.

Making The Champagne Bottle Cookies:

These champagne bottles turned out just like I wanted, very simple, but clean looking and elegant.

-Start by outlining and flooding with white icing the label and the bottle’s cap. Let it set for a few minutes.

-Outline and flood the “champagne”, then set the cookies aside and let them dry overnight.

-Using the brown food writer, make a few lines to detail the cap and since I’m not very talented in the handwriting department, I used my trusted KopyKake to write the wording that I have previously printed with a fun font.

Making The Champagne Glass Cookies:

These glasses turned out cute and delicate. The sanding sugar definitely added an extra touch. A quick input for those of you who ship cookies, as you can imagine, this is not a shipping friendly cookie. They are very fragile and no doubt they will break in transit.

-Start by outlining the glass and filling the glass’s stem and base with the white icing.

-After the icing has set, flood the gold icing and let the cookie dry overnight.

-Once the cookie is completely dry, using a stiff consistency icing, flood some drippings and make a few dots to mimic bubbles. Sprinkle the cookies with sanding sugar or nonpareils, just like the pictorial above.

Making The Heart Cookies

What can I say? These cookies cannot be any easier to make, I was actually thinking that you can even color the cookie dough. Wouldn’t that be cute?

-Start by rolling out the cookie dough to the desired thickness, then cut the heart shape and place the cookie in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes.

-Look for the words that you want to stamp on the cookies. Mix and match at your heart’s desire because the set comes with many letters. Insert the letters into the holes of the cookie cutter and press onto the cookie.

Here are my cookies after I have baked them. The words are very clear and they didn’t lose the shape.

To decorate this cookie, begin by outlining the heart with white icing. Using tip #2, make scallops around the entire cookie, then make another set of scallops in the inside. Let the icing set for a few minutes and fill the indentations with gold icing.

Here is a close up of the cookie.

For the red heart cookie, I decided to fill the words with flooding consistency icing. For the outline details I used tip #1.

As you can see below, I filled the words first with the icing and then played with the outline design.

Cheers to a fun Valentine’s Day!!

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