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Summer Luau Cookies Print
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 10:01

I hope you are all enjoying the warm summer weather, fun pool time, and BBQ days. I am certainly soaking up as much of these sunny days as I can!

Since Summer is in full swing, I have a fun and bright cookie tutorial for you! Let's taste the beach and sunshine with these cute and fun summer luau cookies!

To make this fun Summer Luau Cookie Set you will need the following:

Palm Tree Cookie

Begin by outlining the palm tree leaves with green royal icing using tip #2. Instead of flooding the cookie with my usual squeeze bottle, I just made lots of small lines in different directions to create some texture and movement to the leaves. For the trunk of the tree, make "V" shapes as pictured above. Wait a few minutes to complete the trunk to create a puff and a nice seam between the "V" shapes.

Flip Flop Cookie

I absolutely love the way these cookies turned out. Just a word of wisdom, these cookies are not meant to be shipped. The strap on them would break in a heartbeat.

Outline and flood the cookies first. While the icing is still wet simply pipe a circle shape using tip #1 and pink flood icing. Then, use a toothpick to drag from the outside edge of the circle toward the inside to create the Hibiscus flower. Then, drop a white pearl in the middle of each flower. Let the flower dry completely overnight before attaching the flip flop straps.

Make a small tube using plastic wrap. You will use this as an insert on the inside of the straps to hold them up and to hold their shape while they dry.

Making the fondant straps:

Roll out the pink fondant using a rolling pin to about 1/8" thickness. Using a paring knife or pizza cutter, use a ruler to guide yourself and cut 4 strips of fondant about 1/2" wide and 3" long. This measurement is only an example for this specific flip flop cookie cutter. If you are using a smaller cutter, you will certainly need smaller straps. Attach the straps to the cookies using a dot of royal icing as shown in the picture. After you have attached the straps, let the cookie set for a couple of hours. The fondant is pretty soft and will not dry hard. If you are using a good quality fondant, it will also be pretty tasty to eat!

Making the Sun Cookie

Outline and flood the cookie first. While the icing is still wet, pipe 2 pink dots of icing for the cheeks and drop the black pearls in for the eyes. Allow the cookies to dry completely before adding the mouth and eye details.

I hope you enjoyed this quick Summer cookie tutorial!

The Cookie Cutter Company enjoys seeing all the cookies you create using their cookie cutters. Don't forget to share your pictures with them on their Facebook page. Also, if you have any baking or decorating ideas, always please feel free to ask.

If you are looking for more fun cookie ideas by me, Kathia, you can check out my blog Pink Little Cake.

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